Please note my business name change to Sleep Support Naturally.

Over the years I have specialised in finding a solution to bring about restful sleep and balance to about 80% of clients, so it made sense to change my business name to reflect what I do. I still have a natural therapy practice in Kirwee and I still offer Reflexology treatments, Reiki and Spinal Touch. But now I have an online store stocking natural health products to support sleep and better health.

Please take a look and make contact if you have any questions. Please like our new Facebook page as well.

Selwyn Reflexology and Reiki

Christine is your Reflexology therapist, fully qualified and highly experienced, specialising in Women’s Health including Pregnancy, Fertility and Hormonal Imbalance. Christine is also a Reiki Master and Facial Radiance therapist.
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We are a home-based practice in Kirwee, Selwyn District. The practice is in a peaceful, rural setting with views of the Southern Alps.


“For every age and stage of life”


On offer at Selwyn Reflexology and Reiki

Reflexology for all at Selwyn Reflexology

Specialising in
advanced Maternity,
Pregnancy, Fertility
and Spinal Reflexology.


is based on the principal that reflex areas in the feet and hands correspond to all organs, glands and parts of the body. Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China.

Reflexology can be used to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. Perhaps you have a health complaint that has not been resolved by conventional medical treatment or have learned to live with niggling problems because you feel nothing more can be done.

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Reflexology for all

Enhancing Fertility

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology for Seniors

Reflexology for all at Selwyn Reflexology


Reiki is a non-invasive treatment, beneficial to animals/pets and people.

Reiki brings through Universal Energy to stimulate your body’s natural capacity to heal on all levels of your being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reflexology for all at Selwyn Reflexology

Facial Radiance

Facial Radiance is an amazing massage therapy technique (incorporating Facial Reflexology) that works with the muscles and meridian pathways of the face, head and neck.

It gives you a healthy radiant glow and a great sense of wellbeing!

Spinal touch at Selwyn Reflexology

Spinal Touch Therapy

A simple yet powerful technique for re-aligning the body’s centre of gravity, thus relieving pain and discomfort, and improving mobility. Re-alignment is done solely through a unique muscle relaxation technique without any manipulation. It is also an effective light touch technique which contacts the energy systems of the body, the effect of this is to allow the body to re-align with its Centre of Gravity at the Sacrum.

At last a very GENTLE therapy, with NO manipulation or force used, which means NO crunching or twisting! In fact it is so gentle that it is safe to use on children, the elderly and pregnant women. Spinal Touch improves posture and good posture is the key to good health.

You will be amazed at how gentle, yet powerful this therapy is!!


What Christine’s clients say…

I have been receiving Reflexology treatment from Christine going on a year. I lead a very busy and often stressful life, managing childcare centres in Christchurch.

I find these treatments relaxing and revitalising. These treatments help me to release stress and restores an inner balance and it feels wonderful. I highly recommend Christine’s Reflexology treatment.



Thank you so much Christine, you really helped during my second pregnancy, no swollen ankles or back problems this time! I looked forward to each of our sessions and found them very relaxing. Thanks again!


Christine’s reflexology treatment was absolutely wonderful and extremely relaxing! In fact I almost fell asleep!!

The whole experience was totally wonderful and I wish it could have gone on longer – the hour just flew.’


I just wanted to tell you how great I felt after your treatment. It was so very relaxing and also I felt very energized once I got home.



Find out how Reflexology, Reiki, Facial Radiance and Spinal Touch Therapy can help you.

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