Facial Radiance

gives you a healthy radiant glow and a great sense of wellbeing!

What is Facial Radiance?

A Deeply Relaxing Experience for you!

Facial Radiance is an amazing massage therapy technique (incorporating Facial Reflexology) that works with the muscles and meridian pathways of the face, head and neck.

Why will Facial Radiance work?

Facial Radiance works on releasing stress and tension held in the body systems which often show up as emotional conflict, tension headaches, jaw pain, sinus congestion, stiff neck and tired dry and lack-lustre skin.

Facial Radiance works with the digestive, nervous, lymphatic and muscular systems…which also taps into the immune, reproductive and respiratory systems.

As we age the energy in the body slows ….by working with the meridian pathways through the head and face we stimulate that energy flow bringing much needed oxygen to the whole body and body systems.

If our digestive and lymphatic systems are not flowing the first place it will show is on our face. Good digestion, detoxification and hydration are essential to a healthy skin.

Relaxation of the nervous systems is vital for our emotional being and brings clarity and a great sense of who we are.

Our muscle system holds memory….. When a lifetime of events and emotions are released the muscles become toned, blood circulation and lymphatic flow are increased which refines and clarifies skin texture and increases collagen elastin production. The functioning of your skin and its hydration are kept at an optimum level.

What will I see from my Facial Radiance Treatment?

The area around the eyes more toned, fine lines are minimised, lips appear fuller, cheekbones are more accentuated, your jaw line sculptured, neck muscles tightened and skin rejuvenated, bringing definition to the whole face…

How long will the effects of the Facial Radiance Treatment last?

You will see a noticeable difference from the very first treatment. We recommend 5 treatments over a 5-week period for a more permanent result. The facial muscles hold lots of stress and tension, so regular treatments help to minimise this.

Facial Radiance will give you a healthy radiant glow and a great sense of wellbeing!
Facial Radiance treatment


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