Maternity Reflexology

specialised techniques to support you throughout your pregnancy

Selwyn Reflexology iconMaternity Reflexology
can support you throughout your pregnancy
and help prepare for the birth of your baby.

maternityreflexology_babyfoot Specialised techniques will encourage you to relax and could ease the uncomfortable symptoms that you may be experiencing at this time. Regular treatments may also help alleviate troublesome conditions of pregnancy.

If your due date has come and gone, Maternity Reflexology may be able to help. Treatments are very effective at promoting deep relaxation and I am able to use specialised techniques which may encourage the onset of labour.

Maternity Reflexology is a specialised therapy and I would advise any mum-to-be to only have treatments with a Reflexologist who is qualified in this area.

Maternity Reflexology can also be used during labour, specialised labour Reflexology techniques help relax and calm body and mind.  Birthing partners can also be shown simple techniques that enable them to become an integral part of the whole experience.

Post-Natal Reflexology

After you have had your baby, Reflexology is a very gentle and natural way to help you recover from the extraordinary changes that your body has been through over the last nine months. Treatments will give you a much needed opportunity to relax and you are welcome to bring along your newborn child.

Remember Reflexology is suitable for all ages, as it is so gentle, therefore I can treat your baby. Parents are with their baby throughout the treatment.


If you would like to make an appointment or if you require further information please contact Christine.


Thank you so much Christine, you really helped during my second pregnancy, no swollen ankles or back problems this time! I looked forward to each of our sessions and found them very relaxing. Thanks again!



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