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Spinal Touch Therapy

spinal touch therapy icon Spinal Touch Therapy is
a simple yet powerful technique for re-aligning the body’s centre of gravity,
thus relieving pain and discomfort, and improving mobility.

Re-alignment is done solely through a unique muscle relaxation technique without any manipulation. It is also an effective light touch technique which contacts the energy systems of the body, the effect of this is to allow the body to re-align with its Centre of Gravity at the Sacrum. This means it can help many conditions, particularly Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches and Knee Problems.

At last a very GENTLE therapy, with NO manipulation or force used, which means NO crunching or twisting! In fact Spinal Touch Therapy is so gentle that it is safe to use on children, the elderly and pregnant women. Spinal Touch Therapy improves posture and good posture is the key to good health. You will be amazed at how gentle, yet powerful this therapy is!!

Where did Spinal Touch Therapy come from?

It was developed by an American Engineer and Chiropractor, John Hurley in the early 1900s.

Noticing the effects of gravity on his buildings he turned his attention to the human body, noticing that pain and sickness was often accompanied by distortion of posture, hunched shoulders, head and neck forward,chest caved in, etc.  Being a man very much ahead of his time and with his knowledge of acupuncture and other energy systems, he devised SPINAL TOUCH THERAPY– originally called Aquarian Age Healing – and worked very successfully, often with astounding results, on many grateful patients. Spinal Touch Therapy has been practiced in the USA since the 1920s and in the UK since the 1980s.

Now AVAILABLE in New Zealand!


What does it do?

The intention of the treatment is to relax, release and regenerate the whole energy field, therefore reducing pain and discomfort. This can sometimes be felt by the patient as sensations of warmth, tingling or deep relaxation to the point of going to sleep.

What happens when I go for a treatment?


If you would like to make an appointment or if you require further information please contact Christine.


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